Friday, October 26, 2018

Death Strikes Near

Chuck must have known something was wrong when Al burst in the front door. “It’s Ray,” Al said, “I just found him, he’s dead. Call Larry and get him over here and call Bill and see if he is anywhere near here. Tell them what has happened and I need them at the office. I am gonna have to go and tell Gracie. Dear God, how am I gonna do that?”

 Chuck was on the phone as Al went out the door. He went back into the office, standing at the old counter he put his elbows on the glass top and held his head in his hands, his whispered prayer was, “Lord, I need your help. Help me support Gracie. Help me to be strong for her. Lord, I have no idea about Ray and you, please be merciful.”

Within minutes Larry was standing next to Al inside the office. As they stood there Chuck came in the door and told them that Bill was on patrol and it would take him about ten minutes to get to town. He also said that nobody should touch the body. The three men walked around the desk and looked down at their friend.

Al said, “He wasn’t well a couple of days ago. He looked terrible and Gracie was trying to get him to the doctor. Yesterday he was doing better and he was sleeping in his chair when I went over.” Larry spoke up, “Has anybody been to the house? Somebody is gonna have to go and talk with Gracie.” Al said, “I’m going to go over in a few minutes, probably should wait for Bill to get here.”

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