Friday, October 12, 2018

Staring Trout

Larry hollered over at Al and told him to drop the tailgate on Old Gettem-Up and get the plates and cups ready. Al got the plates ready and brought them over to the fire, setting them on the crate. Larry announced, “The best a man can eat will be ready in a minute.” Then he turned over the redskins and set the pan back. He turned over the trout and mumbled to himself, something about life, the river and food. The rest, neither of the men understood.

            “Grab a plate and enjoy,” Larry announced.  Ray and Al must not have been paying really close attention to the master chef as he utilized his culinary genius over the fire. When Al, plate in hand, was getting ready for his trout his surprise was evident. “What in the world did you do?” he said. “They still have their head. How we supposed to eat fish that are still looking at us?”

Larry started to laugh so hard he choked and had to take his pipe out of his mouth. Coughing out, “They may be staring, but they ain’t seeing. That’s the way we serve trout up here. You’re respecting his contribution to your life when you have to look him in the eye.” By this time Ray was laughing so hard he started to cough. Between the laughing and coughing tears were running down Ray’s cheeks. He said, almost choking, “I guess if it was up to a vote the eyes would have it.” In a second all three men were laughing, at each other, the trout and their sightless stare.

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