Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comfort at Christmas

I am sitting in my comfortable chair with my feet up. It is a very well built chair that I wanted for a long time, I guess it will probably last as long as I do. The Christmas lights in the house take me back to so many Christmas seasons. The soft glow of the white lights being reflected in the red bulbs is really very beautiful. Donna and Ana have transformed our turn of the century house into a festive home worthy of remarks and praise.

As I am so comfortable in my home filled with music and adorned for the holidays I wonder, wonder about Jesus and his mother. Did you ever wonder if Jesus was as fragile and at risk as other babies in the womb? Did God the Father provide Mary an unseen gathering of angels to protect her pregnancy? The gospels don't tell us much about her time of carrying Jesus within her body.

I do know that from the instant of conception Mary carried the Christ of God within her womb. Her child was not to become the Anointed One, Christ. He was, and contained within himself the perfect union of God and man. Jesus was fully man and fully divine. A mystery that I accept but will never fully understand. For the entire time of her pregnancy Mary was host to Divine Sovereignty, Creative Genius, the Logos of the Father come to earth. He was never not all that he is.

Can you imagine with me the miracle that was taking place within Mary. As the baby Jesus developed his mind contained the knowledge of all creation. He remembered exactly how he spoke all that is and will be into being. The life giving blood that Mary shared with her growing Son was the life giving source that would cover the executioners post on Golgotha. O' Mary did you really understand all that was happening?

I will sit with my questions and the lights and music will bring truth back. I thank God I can question. I thank God for the lights, my home, yes, my chair, and for a young woman who carried within her MY SAVIOR.

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