Friday, December 24, 2010

Gabriel Brings a Message

Gabriel is before the presence of Jehovah, this time it is different, the Creator of the universe has been within the womb of a chosen virgin and His absence is obvious. Gabriel understands his message to the world. He is to announce to the world the birth of God's Christ, Jesus. An announcement that will herald the coming change the world has been waiting for. It has been four hundred years on earth since the last prophet spoke as he was moved by the breath of God.

Gabriel is directed to have the message announced on a Judean hillside in the presence of humble and hard working men who tend sheep. The message is not to be given to the leaders of the social and religious life. It is not to be given to the foreign leaders that rule almost the known world with the spear and gladius.

Within a second Gabriel and his assigned heralders leave the presence of Jehovah. The light that filled the hillside was of a brilliance and color that man had never witnessed. The men that were guarding the sheepfold were blinded by the flash that was like yellow gold. Thrown to the ground by the sheer shock of Gabriel's presence it takes a moment for the men to regain themselves.

As if the appearance wasn't powerful enough now the men were listening to a voice that would shake the foundation of any building. The words from Gabriel, " Behold, I bring you great news, that will bring joy to all peoples. This night, in the city of David, a Savior has been born." The messengers vanish in a flash of light.

A group of men, used to hard work and harsh elements, head to Bethlehem at the command of brilliant lights and thundering words, sent from God.

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