Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Light Flashes from an Infinite Place

As Gabriel and the host sing, the flash of light causes the stars and even the brightest suns to seem as extinguished lamps. In that instant, the Lord God of Creation vanishes from the celestial halls. The hosts of God will wonder and ponder the mystery and majesty of Creator leaving ceaseless domain to become self-contained in the womb of a virgin. Their King who set aside His throne to invade a land of self-righteous and cold hearted puppets.

In a specific moment in time, yet, unable to be recorded by any device made by man, The Lord God enters the womb of the virgin Mary. The Spirit's power begins the miracle of creative multiplication. Conception is complete and the fragile process begins, unknown, yes, at first even to Mary. Human cells brought to existence by the blend with the divine. New life begins in Mary's womb, such as has never entered this world, nor any other world. The Divine God, the only true Universal Sovereign, has entered the world of man, flawed, fallen, failing, in need of a Savior.

It will be days before Mary is able to sense the life of God within her. How fragile Omnipotence has become. A power so great as to cast planets into place, has become the savior, living, growing, vulnerable, inside the body of a young woman. Omnipresence has become confined within a womb. Omniscience must wait to be made known, must wait to announce the plan made before the foundation of the world.

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