Friday, December 3, 2010

Yellow Ribbons

Lord, Do you grow weary over the condition of the hearts of mankind? Yellow ribbons line the street of this little town that I now find myself in. Like hundreds of small Midwest towns the people are friendly and most have been neighbors for decades. The small hardware store serves customers who are loyal, even though the "Big Boys" are less than 20 miles or so away. The small bowling alley is one of the very few places for fun or team sport. The coffee shop is usually closed by two.

But now this town is different. This past week the town has been filled with media from all over the land. Hundreds of people, moms and dads, teenagers, grandma's and grandpa's, all have come to lend a hand, say a prayer, or walk a cold and potentially haunting field or ditch. Lord, I know that you have witnessed the abuse and death of countless millions of innocent children, brothers and sisters alike. And, If there is anything I am sure of more than anything in this world Lord, you know where Tanner, Alexander and Andrew are at this instant in time.

The volunteers will end their organized search today. They might resume on Monday, we will have to wait and see. But Lord, If I was a volunteer and able to walk and look and search, turn over debris, look under bridges, inside culverts, anything, I would not like to be told to stay home for the weekend. The boys will not be home for the weekend, they won't be able to go and look at the Christmas lights. Lord! This is wrong in so many ways. Please bring all of this madness to a close, this little town is so weighed down.

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