Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beginning thoughts on Searching for Divine Truth

Many people have questions about religion. What faith or church is right or wrong? Do all religions lead to God? Will all people who believe in God spend eternity in heaven? All of these questions have been asked by honest sincere people for hundreds, probably, thousands of years. Some people probably found an answer and some did not.

In order for me to have a clear and convincing thought on, "The real source of divine truth", I must need to understand and then explain mankind's need to find truth and God. To my knowledge, the yearning in man's heart or consciousness, to know and understand God has been documented in every culture. It is a universal need in the life of mankind. Also, the knowledge of, and experiencing of, good and evil has long historic evidence.

This series of postings will continue over an extended period of time. The more I write, the more I will need to write. I might inject a few pieces as we get closer to Easter. I will try to address comments or thoughts as they come. Please remember that all of this is but my attempt to know and understand God in a more clear and intimate relationship and give voice to why I believe.

The major thoughts in the posting will center on, "The cosmic source of evil", "Mankind and Christ", Christ as the revealed source of divine truth." If, at times, what I am writing seems like nonsense, it just might be. I will ramble at times and get carried away as well. I just hope and pray that this series will be a source of clarity and hope, for all who read.

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  1. Will you be taking a look at the controversy swirling around Rob Bell's new book? As I understand it, he is teaching that because God is Love there is can't be a Hell -- which would have something to do with your origin of evil.