Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Death Swarm pt1

If you know of a person who suffers from depression please read this with a new sense of understanding.I began the first writing of this piece about seven years ago. At the conclusion I will give some background and points of understanding.

My life was like a blade of wheat. For, within me was the desire and the potential to reproduce and feed multitudes of hungry souls. I knew that was my ordained purpose, in fact, my only reason for being. The soil that surrounded me provided nourishment and stability. The falling rains enabled me to grow, at times rapidly, other times, slowly. My roots penetrated deep into the earth. I grew strong and my strength helped in the storms.

And then, a day of destruction and death came. Oh, the day started like so many, a sweet morning dew glistened and sparkled in the early morning sun. Later, not much later, came a distant sound. The sound, like a faint buzz, like the buzz of a bumble-bee. I wasn't able to tell what direction the noise was coming from. Gradually the noise increased, building momentum, sounding like a giant swarm of bees.

The sky to the south was growing dark. I sensed that some type of storm was going to descend. I had endured many storms, but some type of disturbing and anxious vision told me this was to be different. The first one landed only inches from me. It's jaws clacked, like two stones striking each other. Now, its ravenous appetite powered jaws at an insane pace. The first leaf and blade, next to me, full of life, was gone in an instant. The second and third landed, their clacking jaws soon joined a number beyond counting.

The noise filled the air, it was impossible for me to hear anything but the evil ravenous clacking and their results. The sky was black, sun blotted out, extinguished, by millions of hungry murderous locusts. Their jaws, clacking, chewing, untiring in their destruction of every green thing. My world was covered. My eye's couldn't see anything except evil destroying life. My ear's couldn't hear, but, the clacking, clattering of jaws, roaring of wings and the faint cry of blade and leaf, being devoured. Horror wrapped itself around my world. All I love, all I knew, all I held so close, was being consumed by this death swarm from hell.

Time seemed suspended, each bite, each jaw movement, from the green flying demons took forever. Each leaf, blade, eaten ever so slowly by the unstoppable clacking jaws. As if signaled, the black death swarm lifted into the sky. Millions of wings joined together in a deafening death dance. In a single movement the death swarm moves in concert to devour another unsuspecting field. A field, like mine, full of life and potential. The death swarm will not stop, consuming the living and leaving behind stubble, desolation and death.

When the attack was over I was numb, living in a timeless state. Did this really happen? Did I really experience such horror and callousness? How long, this state of near death? My life, once green, growing, now only stubble. In the soil surrounding me I find only debris and death. Is their any life in me? Has death come and I am cursed to watch what was? My senses are gone, is their any hope at all that life might exist? Have I been like this for days, months, years, or just fleeting seconds? I just don't know.


  1. not sure what this is - guess i should wait for pt. 2

  2. I don't like it. I noticed I was holding my breath as I read. But if you live long enough, we all will experience a death swarm. I'm hooked, trying to patiently wait for pt. 2.

    Most excellent writing technique!