Thursday, March 17, 2011

Origin of Evil

I believe that even skeptical people would agree that evil is real. The evidence surrounds us every day. Innocent people suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of their fellows. History is very vivid in details of cultures greatest moments and their darkest. I am not going to detail, to a great extent, the evidence of such actions. I will however detail a few, evil on a massive scale and on a very personal one.

The question at hand is, the origin of evil. Did evil always exist? My opinions and beliefs will be based upon my experiences, biblical understanding, and again, minor historical information. This may come as a surprise, I do not believe began with our first inhabitants. I refer to them as Adam and Eve, as found in the book of Genesis. Evil had its origin prior to Genesis and most likely before the created order was called into being.

First, holiness, righteousness, purity, all virtues, had no beginning point in time. As God Was, Is, and Will Be, His character is timeless. Everything lovely and Godly always has been. Now, scripture gives us an understandable, though slightly veiled, picture of evil and its origin. It would be very helpful to all of us if scripture explicitly told us that at such a time and place all angelic beings were created. We do not have those details. But, what we do have is understandable.

The prophet Isaiah speaks about a being falling from heaven. Known as, Star of the Morning, Daystar, Lucifer, this spiritual being (angelic) was considered to be the most beautiful and magnificent of all angels. In Isaiah, chapter fourteen, verses twelve through fourteen, this angelic being is cast out of the heavenly realms down to earth. His sin of pride and arrogance led to rebellion and the original sin. So, I believe the source and spring of evil find their source in Satan, prior to mankind.

As in the world today, actions have reactions, results always follow thoughts turned to actions. At the rebellion and desired overthrow of God's authority, multitudes of angels were cast out with Satan. These angels took on demonic character as their nature was corrupted. The Second Epistle of Peter, as well as the book of Jude tell of God casting down the rebellious angels.

many people reject the idea of an angelic being corrupted by pride and arrogance, thus bringing evil into a present reality. That being so, it is my belief and understanding that evil, as a malevolent force, originated before mankind. This source of evil, Satan, is and always will be, consumed with thwarting God's design. Evil has a spiritual origin. Satan was created to be a spiritual messenger and his condemnation was based on the sin of the spirit, pride and arrogance. He did not want to serve, he wanted to be served. He did not want to listen, he wanted to command. He did not want to subject his spirit to God's authority, he wanted all to be in subjection to him.

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