Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evil- A Malignancy Brought Down

Evil found its origin in the original sin of pride and arrogance found in Satan. When he was cast out of his heavenly position he was exiled to his new domain, the earthly cosmos. By cosmos I mean, the spiritual and physical realms of the earth and sky.  Yet, even in exile he has opportunities to present himself before God, that is evident in the book of Job.

At his fall and exile Satan underwent a radical and progressive depravity. His nature was corrupted to the point of a malignancy that willfully infects and destroys everything that is susceptible. Old and New Testament words describe his nature, character, and actions. Such as, malignant, depraved, rotten, worthless, putrefying corruption. Such evil is a habit of the mind and produces willful harm to others. So, due to his condemnation he desires to spread his spirit to all mankind. Satan wants to spoilt the creative beauty of God.

We find the creative power of God finding culmination in the creation of man. Scripture tells of his creative process of, "being good". When He created man he said it was, "very good", and then he rested. In man, we find the most magnificent of all of his creation because of, "rausch", the breath of God. His breath gave man life we share his likeness. A likeness of spirit, ability to touch, commune and listen to. Indeed, a fellowship not equaled in the universe.

The spirit of evil was, and is, intent on spoiling, causing corruption to, mankind. God's desire to have an intimate fellowship with man will never go unchallenged. Satan's desire is to ruin every Godly pursuit and desire. The origin of sin in mankind takes place in some very similar settings as Satan's. Both were settings of beauty, the heavenly realm and the created garden. Both were God's abiding place, He walked with Adam in the cool of the morning. Both were places of assigned responsibility. Adam was to tend the garden and Satan was a messenger.

Both Satan and Adam answered to God and were restricted in some degree. Adam was restricted from the, "tree of knowledge" and Satan was restricted in his thirst for power and glory. The similarities are quite surprising, yet shouldn't be. Mankind's fall and subsequent moral collapse did not come from from an action, eating the forbidden. The temptation flooded the senses of the fallen. The fruit was attractive, was appealing to the intellect and the most powerful aspect, pride. You will become like God, knowing good and evil. All spiritual beings, human and angelic, were, and are, susceptible to the original sin, pride.

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  1. The decpetion that took place in the garden is evident, Adam took his eyes off of the Lord and very carefully satan watched and waited then entered the serpent to entice and deceive Adam. "did he really say... " . which is why is why we must know the word or in these last days we can easily we deceived ourself. Men are calling good evil and evil good. Our eyes & ears need to be fully opened.