Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Searching for God

What is mankind looking for in his pursuit of God? Is he looking for an emotional experience that covers up or assuages his pain? Or, an intellectual answer to questions of the soul? Does he desire to know what is beyond the veil of death? How about a sincere desire to experience life as originally intended? The answer is, all of the above and hundreds more.

Mankind's searching for God reveals his inherent need. Which need is universal and well documented. Just because we search does not mean the search will find the truth. Experience teaches that we will fill the void in our soul with anything, or everything, we think will bring us the peace and answers we need. Countless numbers of people have given voice to lives filled with empty and vain attempts at filling the soul-void. The list of substitute fillers is endless, yet they all have one thing in common, failure.

So, empty people, which is all of mankind, need to experience God. In turn, all people fill their soul with something, no exceptions. Even people who confess, no-belief, or atheism, have a belief. It may sound absurd to say, but, Atheists' believe in their atheism. Some believe in non-belief. The search is on, always will be, and can't be turned off. Out of this need, mankind has been, and still is, susceptible to false, incomplete, or even evil, teachings and beliefs.

As mankind searches for contact with God and His truth, what is he really in need of. To answer that question honest and sincere people need to agree that there is a problem with man that fuels the search. Because if man had found the truth the void would be filled and the search end. My experiences and understanding of human nature brings me to this opinion: Man knows his character is flawed and broken. We know we are not what we can be, or should be. Within ourselves we know of the failure of vain attempts to fix the problem.

The paradox of the search is obvious. The more I try to fix the problem the worse it gets. Emptiness leads to a deeper emptiness. A failed solution leads to others until, for some, a failed or wrong solution is better than nothing. That tragedy is, the incomplete, failed, or wrong solution, answer, become a prison with no light.

What belief offers to mankind the truth that contains the answer to the real problem? What god-road will lead me, and you, to the answer that will transform our character and bring us into direct contact with God. That will be the substance of the next few thoughts.

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