Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer- A wonderful mystery

I have the joy of praying for a man and his son. Two people that I have never met before and may never meet. Both of them are my friends. The father lives in South Carolina and his son is stationed in Afghanistan with the marines. How do you look at prayer? Is it just a thing you do before you eat. Or a certain prayer you recite at church. Think about prayer this way, I try. Think about talking to the person who created the universe. Who cast the stars into space. Space, such a vast expanse, so vast that a beam of light can take millions of years to reach our tiny planet. I get to to pour out my heart to Him. I get to praise Him for all of His blessings to me. Even when I am overwhelmed with my difficulties I realize that the Creator knows my name and He is caring for me.

Prayer, such a wonderful mystery. Talk to God, He is your Heavenly Father. That knowledge that I have gives new meaning to His name of Heavenly Father. How big He must be in power and glory to be the Father of the Heavens. Yet He cares so much for me that He knows my name and He calls me His dear son. Glory to God I am adopted into His family. All because of Jesus.