Friday, September 18, 2015


The Great Debate- An estimated 22 million viewers watched the latest debate featuring the Republican Party candidates for president. A few of the candidates had to break in to have much air time. And, with debates, air time is everything. Why show up if you are only going to get a one minute intro shot? A few of the candidates seemed to control the debate, through interruption or provocation. I picked my winner for that particular debate. My pick was based on substance and powerful word choice and delivery.

There will be many more debates and in fact most of us might get so bored we channel surf during a particular time when one bloviates. Some people love the sound of their own voice. This is a good warning to preachers. Now back to debates. How many important issues can really be discussed during a national debate? The candidates should spend hours on specific subjects. How about Iran? Iran is itching to transform the Dead Sea into the Glass Sea. The candidates should talk for hours about our economy and how the middle class is disappearing. It is too bad to say but, those topics will never be covered to the extent that they should. Why? Because it is not financially advantageous to the sponsoring network. So, we will be subjected to petty arguments and contorted facial expressions.

Some issues are never debated because of the importance of the outcome. Life and death decisions are rarely debated. I have never heard of or met parents debating in the E.R. over their injured child in need of life saving treatment. Life and death decisions seem to attack our brain and we understand instantly that what is taking place demands an immediate response.

When a four pound infant was placed in Donna's arms there was instant decision making taking place. First, the child would receive 100% of her attention and care, in spite of the doctors predictions. Second, Donna was going to expend every ounce of energy, regardless of time, to give the infant every opportunity to fight and survive. Third, should be first, Donna knew in her spirit that the infant was God's creation and must be treated as one. No debate, no discussion, just action.

When that infant survived there was no debate as to what might be the limit to the expenses involved. Special formula came from South Africa and was available at one location in Lusaka, hours away. When other infants died from unknown causes there was no debate in the need to bring the infant into our home.

When the four Galloway's held the child, understood God, admired the determination of her spirit, there was no debate in our decision to adopt her. Once the decision was confessed there was no debate as to what cost would be paid. And, the cost was not in dollars and cents. The cost would be in pain, prayer, and perseverance.

Tedd Galloway is the author of, A Mother's Heart Moved the Hand of God. The book is about the infant life spoken of in this article. More of the story at