Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some help please

This year is soon to pass into history, known by different events, that all of us write in our own book. I have been in a real, and probably also imagined, state of flux. I can roll with the punches with the best of them, but the rolling is getting harder on a fat and somewhat more stubborn man. Well, enough of the p--s and moan time.

Fact- all of us, and I mean every breathing person who responds to life situations, has had times of stability and flux. The stability may have been horrendous strain and stress, yet stable none the less. We seem to be moving from one time of transition to another with some of us grasping for stability. Well, this is way to much verbiage to get to a simple point- things change with time and time stops for no one but God.

This next year, or, however many days are given, I plan on changing this blog a bit. Always beware when a person uses the phrase, "a bit". That means anything, everything and nothing. I want to reach more potential readers and followers, followers is a blog term, not mine. So a couple of questions to those of you who subject your minds to my words. Will you help me with this by answering a few questions?

I would like to compile some information on readers, not to be given out, sold, auctioned, held for ransom, redeemed for Monopoly Money, stuff like that. If some of my writing has been a blessing, challenge, disturbing, thought provoking in some way would you send me a small comment, don't waste space like I do. Please consider the following.

Bubba from Bubba land- I like some of your stuff, it challenges me in my thinking about God.
Or you could get all gushy and mushy and nobody might believe you.

The comments will be saved for my reference and contact with potential supporters, and I might read them when I am feeling sad and blue. Please send them to my email at the close of this. Also, please tell me how you first found the blog, such as FB, Google Search, accident.
I will leave this posting up until the end of the year so as to implore, plead, beg, beseech, scratch for, yes, even grovel for every last comment.

Mistakes can be blamed on a lack sleep and electronic malfunctions and atmospheric conditions.
e-mail address tedd@aservantsheartministry.org Thanks and be blessed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Gabriel Brings a Message

Gabriel is before the presence of Jehovah, this time it is different, the Creator of the universe has been within the womb of a chosen virgin and His absence is obvious. Gabriel understands his message to the world. He is to announce to the world the birth of God's Christ, Jesus. An announcement that will herald the coming change the world has been waiting for. It has been four hundred years on earth since the last prophet spoke as he was moved by the breath of God.

Gabriel is directed to have the message announced on a Judean hillside in the presence of humble and hard working men who tend sheep. The message is not to be given to the leaders of the social and religious life. It is not to be given to the foreign leaders that rule almost the known world with the spear and gladius.

Within a second Gabriel and his assigned heralders leave the presence of Jehovah. The light that filled the hillside was of a brilliance and color that man had never witnessed. The men that were guarding the sheepfold were blinded by the flash that was like yellow gold. Thrown to the ground by the sheer shock of Gabriel's presence it takes a moment for the men to regain themselves.

As if the appearance wasn't powerful enough now the men were listening to a voice that would shake the foundation of any building. The words from Gabriel, " Behold, I bring you great news, that will bring joy to all peoples. This night, in the city of David, a Savior has been born." The messengers vanish in a flash of light.

A group of men, used to hard work and harsh elements, head to Bethlehem at the command of brilliant lights and thundering words, sent from God.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comfort at Christmas

I am sitting in my comfortable chair with my feet up. It is a very well built chair that I wanted for a long time, I guess it will probably last as long as I do. The Christmas lights in the house take me back to so many Christmas seasons. The soft glow of the white lights being reflected in the red bulbs is really very beautiful. Donna and Ana have transformed our turn of the century house into a festive home worthy of remarks and praise.

As I am so comfortable in my home filled with music and adorned for the holidays I wonder, wonder about Jesus and his mother. Did you ever wonder if Jesus was as fragile and at risk as other babies in the womb? Did God the Father provide Mary an unseen gathering of angels to protect her pregnancy? The gospels don't tell us much about her time of carrying Jesus within her body.

I do know that from the instant of conception Mary carried the Christ of God within her womb. Her child was not to become the Anointed One, Christ. He was, and contained within himself the perfect union of God and man. Jesus was fully man and fully divine. A mystery that I accept but will never fully understand. For the entire time of her pregnancy Mary was host to Divine Sovereignty, Creative Genius, the Logos of the Father come to earth. He was never not all that he is.

Can you imagine with me the miracle that was taking place within Mary. As the baby Jesus developed his mind contained the knowledge of all creation. He remembered exactly how he spoke all that is and will be into being. The life giving blood that Mary shared with her growing Son was the life giving source that would cover the executioners post on Golgotha. O' Mary did you really understand all that was happening?

I will sit with my questions and the lights and music will bring truth back. I thank God I can question. I thank God for the lights, my home, yes, my chair, and for a young woman who carried within her MY SAVIOR.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Light Flashes from an Infinite Place

As Gabriel and the host sing, the flash of light causes the stars and even the brightest suns to seem as extinguished lamps. In that instant, the Lord God of Creation vanishes from the celestial halls. The hosts of God will wonder and ponder the mystery and majesty of Creator leaving ceaseless domain to become self-contained in the womb of a virgin. Their King who set aside His throne to invade a land of self-righteous and cold hearted puppets.

In a specific moment in time, yet, unable to be recorded by any device made by man, The Lord God enters the womb of the virgin Mary. The Spirit's power begins the miracle of creative multiplication. Conception is complete and the fragile process begins, unknown, yes, at first even to Mary. Human cells brought to existence by the blend with the divine. New life begins in Mary's womb, such as has never entered this world, nor any other world. The Divine God, the only true Universal Sovereign, has entered the world of man, flawed, fallen, failing, in need of a Savior.

It will be days before Mary is able to sense the life of God within her. How fragile Omnipotence has become. A power so great as to cast planets into place, has become the savior, living, growing, vulnerable, inside the body of a young woman. Omnipresence has become confined within a womb. Omniscience must wait to be made known, must wait to announce the plan made before the foundation of the world.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gabriel- God's Messenger

The angel of the Lord, Gabriel, stands in the presence of Father and Son. As God's Messenger, Gabriel is to be the voice of Jehovah. There needs to be no conversation, Gabriel understands his message, just as he did before when he appeared to a man, Daniel. His messages to Daniel were the awesome words concerning the end of days. Now he knew he was to represent the Most High and bring a message to a young virgin.

In a moment, not able to measured by man, the Flaming Messenger of God is gone. His journey to Mary will be in an instant as distance is no hindrance. The message to Mary will be most amazing and change the order of the cosmos. The virgin has been chosen by God to bring the Anointed one of God, His Christ, into the world. The message is given to Mary and in less than the blink of an eye, Gabriel is again in the presence of the Father and Son.

As Gabriel is in the presence of Triune Sovereignty the multitude of created Seraphs and Cherubim gather together. The message given to them is of a mystery that has been hidden for ages. The Lord will become flesh and offer up his life as a sacrifice for the sin of mankind. The gathering of flaming servants seems moved at the message given to them.

As the host are gathered they sing their message of acknowledged Holiness. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts! Over and over the words proclaim and instead of diminishing in strength and power the resonance and spirit grow without crescendo. As the pronouncement continues to grow in intensity the Lord raises His arms. In a flash of light that blinded the Army of God, and created such a brilliance that all stars and galaxies were diminished, the Lord God himself vanished.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Breath of God Decends Upon a Single Soul

The servants of God, messengers as of a flaming fire, watch as Father and Son move together.The servants, suspended in celestial glory, their wings are moved by the rush of the Father's breath. As in times past, His breath descends upon the earth and then upon the soul of a solitary man.

Overpowered by the Supreme Presence, he begins writing. The words seem to flow in effortless streams. Hours of writing seem as moments as the priest of Jehovah stops and ponders the incredible words he has put down. He scans the words and marvels at the ways of his God. This writing of his is not new, he has sensed the power before.

His eyes come upon words that are impossible to believe. He knows it was his quill that put them down, yet, at the time he had no idea of their truth. In is mind he questions: How can a virgin conceive and give birth? Call him Emmanuel, God comes to us, how can this be? The man of God hangs his head and confesses his sin of disbelief.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Unseen of Christmas

Long before he laid down earth's foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. What pleasure he took in planning this! He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving by the hand of his beloved Son. Eph.1:4-5

Absolute stillness, Silence, for nothing is, nothing that can disturb, no forms, no matter, no microscopic particles, no atoms, nothing can disturb because nothing is, except the Triune Creative God.
Before Light Years began their recording of creation God already was. He brought forth, through the voice of His Son, the Christ, everything that is, and can be. Yes, even before the birth of the galaxies holding their planets and stars, the Father and His Eternal Son, knew the fate of all who were not yet, but still to come. And, in that knowing decided on a plan that would offer Eternal Transformation to their creation.

Now, eons after their plan was made the time is drawing near. The soul of mankind is empty, a vacuum that sucks in anything that would feign to give purpose and meaning. Man has searched for hundreds of years for answers to the questions that arise in his heart. He is lost and blind, unable to perceive and grasp the truth of God set before him.

HUSH, the only word to describe what is taking place in the realms of Glory. The voices given to created servants, to announce and sing of, the Holiness of God, fall silent. From one end of the Heavenlies to the other, the only sound is the movement of wings. Like the fanning of hot embers, the rhythm of angelic wings seem to brighten the stars, in perfect matching time, a twinkling of sorts.
More to come.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Truth troubles a soul

Head bowed, as if some great weight is crushing
Shoulders stooped, seemed collapsed,
eyes downcast, un-moving, blank, lifeless, no sparkle just stare.
Words of love, seem empty, deceptive, lying, no proof,
words used to cover, to change minds and courses.
Words of concern, of family, of children, words that are less than empty,
words that reveal the black void in a soul, or worse,
words that reveal the absence of a soul.
Silence, truth known, truth hidden, more silence,
Prayer unanswered on earth, truth known in heaven,
Confusion among men, perfect clarity in heaven.
Answers are unknown, tears flow, prayers ascend,
The Light Will Shine and The Truth Will Prevail.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Yellow Ribbons

Lord, Do you grow weary over the condition of the hearts of mankind? Yellow ribbons line the street of this little town that I now find myself in. Like hundreds of small Midwest towns the people are friendly and most have been neighbors for decades. The small hardware store serves customers who are loyal, even though the "Big Boys" are less than 20 miles or so away. The small bowling alley is one of the very few places for fun or team sport. The coffee shop is usually closed by two.

But now this town is different. This past week the town has been filled with media from all over the land. Hundreds of people, moms and dads, teenagers, grandma's and grandpa's, all have come to lend a hand, say a prayer, or walk a cold and potentially haunting field or ditch. Lord, I know that you have witnessed the abuse and death of countless millions of innocent children, brothers and sisters alike. And, If there is anything I am sure of more than anything in this world Lord, you know where Tanner, Alexander and Andrew are at this instant in time.

The volunteers will end their organized search today. They might resume on Monday, we will have to wait and see. But Lord, If I was a volunteer and able to walk and look and search, turn over debris, look under bridges, inside culverts, anything, I would not like to be told to stay home for the weekend. The boys will not be home for the weekend, they won't be able to go and look at the Christmas lights. Lord! This is wrong in so many ways. Please bring all of this madness to a close, this little town is so weighed down.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Warmth of the Sanctuary

The snow is blowing as I zip up my fleece jacket. Even though it only takes me a few seconds to go from the house to the church I make sure the fleece is zipped up to my chin. I fumble with the keys for a moment, trying to find the right one because I hardly ever unlock the side door. Once inside I turn on the lights for the rotunda. Everything around looks so festive and cheery, the Christmas tree is the center piece of the rotunda as the manger and candles are of the sanctuary. It is nice and warm and off comes the fleece jacket.

I sit in the area just back of the sanctuary and stare at the blue candles still on the altar table. A blue candle for each year of Tanners, Alexanders and Andrews life. The little blue candles number twenty in total. That means twenty one total years is the span of life for three wonderful and fun loving little boys. It has been close to a week since they were last seen playing in the back yard.

The entire town seems weighed down by a haunting and heavy sense of dread. The words from the authorities that, "this situation is not going to end the way anyone would want," seem to sap the hope and spirit from every person I talk with. Fathers and Grandpa's deal with feelings of anger and helplessness and I am right next to them. If I close my eyes and see my three, Allie age 9, Ayden age 7 and Avery age 3, I can only think of them for a split second before tears or anger show up.

So, I sit in the church and try to be helpful, answering the phone and allowing folks to come in for a few moments of silence and tranquility. I know what feeling helpless is like, it has been my portion for the past few years more than I would like to admit. In a couple of hours I will zip up my fleece jacket up to my chin and walk to the house, the warmth will embrace me and the fleece will come off. Not to many miles from me a father reveals his cold heart and Tanner, Alexander, and Andrew are probably.......