Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christian Crucifixion

Christian Crucifixion - The combination of those two words is probably not a good way to begin this blog article. Some of you might even find it offensive that I would write about such a topic with all of the gruesome news coming from Iraq and Syria. Be patient with me as we get to the real point of this piece.

Most Christians have favorite verses in the Bible. Many people have memorized the 23rd Psalm. That single Psalm has brought more comfort to the suffering and grief stricken than might be calculable. John 3:16 stands out as one of the greatest verses that tries to describe how much God the Father cares for His children. The beatitudes contain some of the highest philosophical thought put into print. And, The Lord's Prayer is recited every Sunday the world over. There is little doubt that these verses, and many others, bring contentment, peace, security and a host of other inner messages.

But, the New Testament is filled with messages that cut to the quick. The very words of Jesus Christ can lay the human soul open and exposed. It is one of those statements from Christ that I want to dwell on for the rest of this piece.

In the gospel of Luke Jesus was talking with his friends and he asked them a question in regards to his own identity. He wanted to know, I suppose he already did because he is Jesus, who the common people thought he was. The answers back were quite remarkable. Some people thought he was Elijah, or one of the other Old Testament prophets. And then he asked them who they thought he was. Peter was quick to proclaim him as the Christ of God.

Just moments later he told them that if they really wanted to be a disciple there was a task that needed to be done each and every day. They had to kill themselves every morning. His words are hard and uncompromising, "Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me." Christian Crucifixion is the way of life for the disciples of Christ.

We like to play with words and so often we love to add or take away from what we do not like to read or hear. His words are plain and simple. If you, or I want to play around and throw out different interpretations that is fine and good. But, and it is a Big But, that will never change the truth found in these words of Christ.

The cross of the crucifixion always leads to death. The Romans made sure that every poor soul that was hung on the death tree died. The cross was never intended to teach the criminal a lesson so he would become a good citizen. The lesson would be for those who were the witnesses of the death.

Now, what does this have to do with me and you? I think it is pretty simple. We want enough of Jesus to keep us out of hell and move us towards heaven. For many people faith in Christ is little more than an insurance policy. If we get serious about Jesus and talk about Him, yes, using his name then people begin to think there might be something amiss in the cranial cavity.

What does Christian Crucifixion look like in everyday life?

More to follow. Please comment with thoughts, suggestions, arguments and clinical diagnosis's.
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