Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christ- What He means to my Friends

Christ- What He means to my friends. I asked my friends on social media what Christ means to them. I asked for a single word or short sentence to describe Him.

My blog friends and readers around the world, be blessed this Christmas. From my heart and the heart of my friends these following friends and their words are our present to you. May you find Joy and Peace this Christmas.

  • Pam L. Our Saviors Birth                          
  • Sherry M. Eternal Salvation
  • Renate B. Love
  • Lori K. Love
  • Linda R. Savior
  • Beth M. Love
  • Geoffrey Hope & Path to Peace
  • Troy H. Salvation
  • Brandy B. Amazing Grace
  • Veronica M. My Love, My All
  • Ange C. Peace
  • Dee T. Eternal Life
  • Wendy W. Unconditional Love
  • Jessica H. Patience
  • Sharon H. Life changing relationship
  • Ray C. Gives us a chance
  • Jackie G. Unconditional Love and Michael
  • Paul S. Sozo- saves, heals, and delivers
  • Kandi F. Family, Faith, Hope
  • Rachelle N. Forgiveness
  • Larry S. Salvation
  • William N. Salvation
  • Brandy H. Savior, Redeemer, Abba, Love
  • Marlene B. Family
  • Ed H. Savior
  • Sharon E. Eternal Life,Love, Justin, Josh, Myke
  • Randy G. Everything
  • Jan M. Salvation
  • Joann A. Security
  • Doloris P. Love
  • Rita L. Life
  • Joann D. Prince of Peace
  • Loretta B. Hope
  • Jackie S. Savior
  • Georgette B. Hope
  • Wendy K. Unconditional Love
  • Debbie J. Everything, My Sonshine, Warm Breeze, Reason I Smile
  • Susan H. Life Everlasting
  • Joni G. Purposeful Life, Eternity beyond Comprehension
  • Denise L. I have Eternal Life
  • Julia G. Mercy and Grace
  • Dottie B. Love
  • Kathy M. Everlasting Love, Lord, Eternal Life
  • Sherry B. My Go-To Person
  • Linda B. My Everything
  • Karen B. Feeling of True Hope and Faith
  • Kay S. Savior
  • Carol G. Comfort
  • Emily M. Forgiveness, Eternal Salvation
  • Margaret H. My Everything
  • Scot B. Friend and Teacher
  • Marie C. Love and Forgiveness
  • Sue S. Life here and Forever
  • Linda M. His Death-My Sins, Promise of Peace in the Valley
  • Lisa R. My Rock, Savior, Teacher, My Love
  • Patricia W. Salvation
  • Diane J. Fortress of Love
  • Carol M. Love of Mankind, Peace and Joy
  • Debby C. Foundation my life is built upon
  • Alvin C. Reason I believe there is a chance for Peace
A special Thank you to all of my friends who revealed their Christmas Heart

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dad- The Real Santa Claus

Dad- The Real Santa Claus

I remember the time the real truth about Santa hit me. And, I say, hit me, for a very good reason. It was a childhood revelation with a gigantic impact. Indulge me a moment to explain. A few days before Christmas Santa always showed up at the American Legion in Riverview. Why would Santa come to the legion? I didn't know and as a kid I didn't really care. I was just happy that he came. So, every Christmas the Galloway kids went to the Legion Christmas party. There was an endless supply of soda pop and little bags of chips. We all knew that a big moment was going to come, we just didn't know exactly when.

With a huge belly laugh Ole Saint Nick would announce his arrival. Somehow he appeared, almost out of nowhere. All of us kids would laugh and giggle and scurry around trying to get close. A really big chair was waiting for the jolly gift giver, up near the Christmas tree. With almost continuous belly laughs he would sit down and us kids would scurry into a line. No cuts in line were allowed, nor even thought of, Santa would certainly see such a serious naughty.

One by one all of the waiting kids would get up on Santa's lap and the most serious question in the entire universe would be asked; Have you been good for your mom and dad? I don't know about any of my friends, but I always answered yes. Deep inside I was hoping Santa wasn't God, and knew all of the things I did wrong. Like, tell my brother, Tim, he was going to hell for killing my frog. I did pay for that sin with a well placed bar of soap, coming from my mother. I guess he wasn't God because Christmas morning I was always happy.

Talk about having ants in your pants, waiting in line was as bad a waiting to get the winter dose of Cod Liver Oil, also distributed by my mom. When it was finally my turn I got up on Santa's lap and after a couple of belly laughs he asked the all important question. My rather sheepish yes brought another belly laugh. And then it happened, the revelation of all time. My dad was the Real Santa, I could tell. It wasn't his laugh or anything like that, it was the ring on his finger. I recognized the ring. Wow, what a secret I was now carrying around in my adolescent brain. My dad, the Real Santa. No other kid in the universe could say that. But, for  a while I would have to keep the secret.

Many years later I had the opportunity to be the Real Santa. We were living in Niles and my good friend, Larry Clymer, wasn't able to visit the kids like he always did for the Optimist Christmas party. I agreed to attempt to fill the role. The first problem was the outfit. Larry was about 5'8" and I was 6'4". Well with some elf magic the suit fit. the next problem was the Ho, Ho, Ho and the deep belly laugh. I didn't know if I could pull that one off. I practiced the laugh and the all too familiar, Ho Ho.

Just before my entrance to the waiting children I was in the bathroom, one last practice and out the door. As I reached for the door it opened, a very small hand from the other side had given it a tug. Much to my surprise, and I'm sure to his, I was standing in front of the son of the district court judge. Little John was in the first grade. His dark brown eyes seemed to glow as he looked at me. Santa, Santa, are you the real Santa? With a perfect belly laugh and a much practiced Ho, Ho, Ho, I told him I was and in fact that I knew his name and his dad.

The story is true and a short time later little John was killed in a tragic accident. I cherish the memory of being the real Santa for a bright eyed little boy that Christmas. I hope and pray that his dad and family continue to remember his bright smile and awe filled eyes.

What about you? What do people see in you? I'm not talking about the real Santa. I'm talking about the real Jesus Christ. The real Saint Nicholas was always about the real Jesus. That is why he gave and lived, so others would see Christ in him. May our Christmas gift to the world be, Christ alive in us.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pondering Christmas

Pondering Christmas

Pondering Christmas - According to several dictionaries, pondering, is deliberate contemplation on a specific subject. It is a commitment to open up ones mind and heart in trying to understand the consequences that might come to light. According to Luke's Gospel narrative of the birth of Jesus Christ, Mary ponders the messages to her.

Gabriel appears to Mary and announces to her that she will be with child and the impregnating power and source will be God. She will remain a virgin and still be pregnant and bring forth a child who will be the Son of God. Luke tells us that, "Mary pondered all this in her heart." She must have been a unique and devout young lady. Gabriel called her, "Highly Favored One." How does a very young woman ponder such incredible information?

The second time we find Mary pondering the incarnation is when the shepherds came from the fields and told Mary and Joseph what they witnessed. Now, nine months after Gabriel's first visit Mary is in deep thought about her child. Does Mary have any real understanding of the implications of bringing forth the Christ of God? Would she know of the Old Testament psalm that teaches that her Son is the Creative power that filled the universe?

We will probably never know what filled Mary's heart in that period of time. But, let's try placing our mind and heart in the position of pondering Christmas as if it never took place. I challenge those who read these words to find time in the busy days ahead and "ponder" our world without Christ and Christmas. To do this you will have to set aside time and deliberately and deeply think about the implications of a Christ-less world.

I believe that the implications are dark and frightening. On an educational level our great universities on the east coast would be gone. They began as Christian Colleges and Universities. The Midwest would not have Notre Dame. England would be left without Cambridge and Oxford. The wonders of art and literature would be bereft of such works from DaVinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and on and on.

Medical care would be set back hundreds of years. Many major hospitals would vanish. Death would become commonplace and disease could have indeed leave many parts of Africa, India and Asia devastated. The implications on the social scale are catastrophic.

The implications on a personal basis are dark and frightening. As prevalent as evil and hatred is today, without Christ, barbarism would control and personal freedoms would only come to the powerful. So, this Christmas please, "Ponder Christmas" and what it really means to this world.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Creation is Still

Creation is Still

At the first Advent creation stood still, from the deepest edge of  space, to the tiny blade of grass next to the manger, there was stillness. That stillness was but a sign of the deepest reverence possible. For a moment in time the created world knelt, every element within everything material knew the world was going to change. In a way no man could understand, the created world knew their Creator had taken on human form.

The Bible is pretty clear in stating that even the created world has been cheated and disfigured by the fall of man. The earth was cursed and yielded her fruit only after hard labor. The book of Romans puts forth that the created world groans and waits in expectation, like a birthing mother. When the world is finally set right by the coming Kingdom Of God even creation will enjoy her original glory. I wonder how much more glorious the heavens can become. But they will become even more glorious.

The First Advent has meaning for every person who will have a place in their heart for the Christ child. For those who seek Him will find Him, those who long for Him will find fulfillment. He tells us that He stands at the door and knocks and if we allow Him entrance into our lives He will give us life like never before. His life, at the first advent, is His gift to us.

The Second Advent will have meaning for all of creation, for that is when the kingdom will come and creation enjoy her new glory. The Second Advent is also the time all humanity, followers of Jesus and non-followers, will bend their knees and acknowledgement of the Christ will pour forth from their mouths. Governments will collapse as the kingdom will reign. Kings, presidents and dictators will fall on their knees in recognition of the Supreme King of all time and space.

Today our world is filled with violence. Innocent people die at the desire of evil. In the name of some warped and twisted design of god people are slaughtered. When the Prince of Peace comes every false image, thought, desire, ideology, will be displayed for what it really is; a satanic attempt to steal glory from Jesus Christ.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Voyage

Thanksgiving- Re-visit

The ship's manifest listed one hundred and three passengers, one hundred and two by family name. The one hundred and third passenger was listed as, Dorothy, maidservant. In July of 1620 the Mayflower was being fitted and loaded with provisions for its journey to the New World. She was to wait in South Hampton for the ship Speedwell. The Speedwell had sailed to the Netherlands to pick up the passengers, who had been living in Leiden. Once the Speedwell met the Mayflower they would begin the long and dangerous voyage across the Atlantic. It was still nice sailing weather and the monstrous Atlantic should still be sleeping.

By the time the Speedwell did reach her rendezvous with the Mayflower they were already a week behind schedule. The Speedwell was taking on water and in need of repairs that lasted a week. On August the 5th both ships left the safety of the harbor and headed across the Atlantic. Both crews were hoping that even leaving in early August they would not face the horror of North Atlantic storms.

As both ships headed West the Speedwell began taking on water again. The Mayflower and the Speedwell were now three hundred miles out in the ocean. Both ships headed back for England and the port at Plymouth. Upon arriving in Plymouth it was determined that the repairs on the Speedwell would take to long and her cargo was added to the Mayflower. As disappointment and anger grew, many of the passengers on board the Speedwell abandoned their plans for a new life.
With the remaining passengers joining those on the Mayflower, she set sail on September 6th. By this the weather and the seas were not to be trusted, but the decision was made to sail on. For the first half of the voyage the wind and weather blessed the Mayflower and her crew and passengers. That was to end as the Lady passed the half way mark on the Captain's chart.

As the weather changed one Godless crewman told the Pilgrims that he couldn't wait for some of them to die, so he could throw them overboard and steal their provisions. For the next thirty days the Mayflower was at the mercy of the Monster of the deep. On more than one occasion the ship had to bring down her sail and ride out the storms. During an especially fearsome attack by the watery monster a mast cracked and the crew feared the ship to be lost. The ship's carpenter secured the mast till proper repairs could be done.

Some days before the sighting of land the "Godless crewman" became suddenly ill and died. The ship's log recorded his death as "The Hand of God." During the voyage a child was born and three days short of landfall a young lad died.

On November 9th in the Year of Our Lord, Sixteen Hundred and Twenty, land was sighted. The sixty six day journey across the Atlantic was done.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Politicians and Farmers

A politician was out looking for votes. Driving down a country lane he spotted a farmer walking out of his barn. Being the Silvered Tongue Ivy graduate that he is, he assured himself of an easy vote. Approaching the farmer he introduced himself. The conversation went like this.

Politician - Good morning sir. I see that your lively-hood comes from working the good earth.

Farmer - I grow corn to feed my diary herd. Right now I'm milking close to fifty of the gals, three times a day. I'm just getting ready to hook up the spreader.

Politician - By spreader, Do you mean the mechanical device that distributes the bovine waste?

Farmer - Yea, I take a load out and spread it on the field that will have next years corn.

Politician - So, the bovine waste adds nutrients to the soil in the hopes of an abundant yield.

Farmer - Ya know, You and I are kinda in the same line of work.

Politician (somewhat offended) - Well, I'm not sure there could be any similarities between farming and running our great land.

Farmer - Oh, sure there is. You spread your BS in the hopes of luring some ignorant soul to cast their vote your way. You spread yours to take advantage of the folks.  I spread my BS to help take care of them.

Politician - Does that mean you won't vote for me? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Debasement of Humanity

Debasement - According to Merriam-Webster: To lower in status, esteem, quality, or character.
The question to answer is: Can a political platform be the tool that contributes to the debasement of individuals? 

I believe that men and women are created in the image of God. That meaning, humans have the ability to sense God, to know God, and have communication with God. Mankind finds its greatest purposes when in communion with God. Our greatest pieces of music were those dedicated to God. The great works of art throughout the world are those dedicated to God. Hymns and poetry have touched the hearts and souls of millions. Man's greatest pursuit is in grasping the knowledge of God and thereby attaining His likeness.

People who have encountered God, in His grace, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy are filled with the desire to have His life reflected through ours. We learn of His will and desire through Holy Scripture. We understand His priorities and purposes though His Word to mankind. We come to understand what He has ordained for His creation.

He has ordained the beginning of life as the moment egg and sperm join in conception. His word gives us very clear and vivid imagery of conception and growth. He has said, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you and ordained you." Again he said through His spokesman, "He knit me together in my mother's womb. I am fearfully and wonderfully made." For those who will plainly see there can be no doubt about God's stand on the gift of life.

God ordained the relationship that was to be the basis and foundation for society. In the Old Testament God ordained the coming together in sexual union of Adam and Eve. Their union was to be helpers and companions upon the earth and to bring forth children establishing the family. The family, for centuries, has been the bedrock of civilization. Jesus Christ blessed the union of a man and a woman. He went so far as to give us a command about the union, "What God has joined together let no man put asunder."

We are living in a society, and in a time, of great debasement. A political platform stands firmly on the destruction of the unwanted child. That destruction can be pronounced even seconds before a breath fills new lungs.Such a heinous act is law in many states.

That same platform has succeeded in redefining family, marriage, and gender. They have opened a Pandora's box that will lead to greater debauchery and confusion in the minds of millions. New calls for alternate marriages happen today. In a few states as many as thirty one gender identities have been labeled and codified.

Not every person within such a party agrees with the platform. A problem arises in the soul of the one who disagrees with such a platform, yet remains within the party. Is guilt by association a valid complaint?

Each of us will be held accountable for our convictions and actions. That includes me and you.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Can't be Quiet

For the next few weeks I will be changing the focus of my blog articles. I will focus on the election and what I believe the future might be for our country, depending on the outcome. I will highlight areas of concern and give my opinion on the issues. I will endeavor to be fair. However, I will not apologize for opinions and views.

I am old enough to understand that elections may seem to be minor bumps along the historical road. I also know that a single election can change the course of a nation. The election of Abraham Lincoln might just be the single most important election in our history.

My Christian experience is the single most important influence and factor in my thinking. I prayed that I would be guided by the prompting and voice of God. That point might be doubted and argued by some who read this site. Doubt and debate is what makes mankind great. We have been created free thinkers.

Another influence in the writing that will be found her is: My love for my country. Having lived in a Third World Single Party Socialist country I have real and vivid experiences of what life can degenerate to. Many members of my family have proudly served in every branch of military service, excepting the Coast Guard. My father and four of his brothers served in combat theaters during the Second World War.

Comments- During these next weeks I would love to have comments and your thoughts on the articles. My arm is not long enough to pat myself on the back and I can't kick myself in the butt. I will answer any email sent my way. Address for email  My website is


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Anarchy is a Choice

In the past two weeks men and women who swore an oath to protect us have fallen to pieces of steel and copper, sent on their deadly path by hate filled, empty souls. With no regard to family, skin color, nationality, or religion police have been gunned down for one simple reason: they were police officers. Our land is close to Anarchy. Hatred is running deep and swift. It threatens to sweep away peace and harmony. Innocent lives will be lost, both physically and emotionally. Children will grow up hating people based solely on the pigment of ones skin.

The coming anarchy is like a tea kettle set on low heat. It takes time to heat the kettle and then the water. But, eventually it will come to a boil. To keep the kettle from boiling over you must remove it from the heat source, or quickly turn the heat down. I have a personal opinion of the genesis of this current time. I will leave that unsaid.

How do we avoid the coming time of anarchy and calamity? There are many opinions on how to solve the problem. I will post a few that I think I understand. My opinions will come from my Christian world view and experiences. Some readers will disagree, and I hope some do. When a person disagrees with an opinion it should cause the one holding the opinion to pause and think.

Point One- We do not view mankind as people made in the image of God. When this happens it is easy to view one people as less deserving of respect. It is quite simple. People do not disrespect what they hold to have great value. If I do not view all life as having the image of God placed upon, or within, life becomes cheap.

I will illustrate this point with a horrific event that I witnessed and had some involvement. While driving in Lusaka I witnessed an accident that still haunts me. A little girl, wearing her green school uniform was hit by a bus. I watched in horror as her little body flew into the air like a doll thrown out a window. I immediately stopped and ran to give aid. When I got to the scene the limp body of the girl was laying on the back seat of a taxi. The bus driver and taxi driver told me they were taking her to the hospital. Later I checked, and she never made it to the hospital. A close friend informed me that he was sure that she was placed out in a field. "It is common," he said.

Respect for human life is dissolving. We discard unwanted babies like trash waiting on the side of the curb. We are trying to justify ending the life of the aged or infirm because of medical costs, quality of life, even convenience sake.

The world scene is even worse. In the past few years hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children have been killed because of their personal beliefs. I am a Christian and unashamed to state it. I am not perfect, far from it. I make mistakes. I sin, in word, thought, and deed. But, I have never thought of harming a person who disagrees with my heart. I have friends who are from different lands and religious views. I have not, nor will I, disrespect their beliefs. I will disagree with some, but respect their choice.

I will continue with this piece, as I have two or three more points to spell out.

Let us view the likeness of God in every person we cross paths with.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Power of the Invisible

After walking in circles for forty years it was time for the Jewish people to settle down. Out of the original adults that left Egypt on two could enter the promised land Joshua and Caleb, With the death of Moses Joshua was given the mantle of leadership. God instructed Joshua in when, and how, he was to lead the Jewish nation in the land of Canaan.

Standing on the edge of the river Jordan  Joshua's obedience to God caused the Jordan to dry up, allowing the Jewish people easy access to their land. Again, the obstacle of water could have stopped the people from acquiring their land. Joshua, listening to God, caused the obstacle to dry up. Upon entering their land one of the first obstacles in their way was the fortified city of Jericho.

Jericho was well fortified and quite large. The walls of the city were built of stone and close to ten feet thick. Behind the walls the soldiers were well armed and seasoned fighters. To the Jewish people the conquest of Jericho would be bloody and quite possibly, unwinnable. Joshua knew that the people were unsure of what was to come. Joshua's time with God would bring the answer, but not the one most people expected.

Joshua instructed the people to march around the city once a day. On the last day the parade was led by the priests. At the end of the march Joshua instructed the people to give a great shout. As the sound of the shouting Jews penetrated the stones they began to shake and crumble. And we all know the rest of the story. The Jewish fighters entered Jericho and the city was taken.

Why is it that the visual seems to be  more powerful that the invisible? The Red Sea and Pharaoh's army petrified the Jews, And, that was after they witnessed the miracles of the plagues and Passover. The report of the spies struck terror in the hearts of the Jews. It was as if Moses, and God, wanted the Jews to perish. And, this took place after the parting of the Red Sea and drowning of Pharaoh's army.

We give power to what we can see. That is not wrong. The speeding car is power. The airplane is power. There is substance to the visible. That my friends is our three dimensional world. But, isn't there another dimension? Is the invisible real? Yes, of course the invisible is real. Our modern electronic devices operate on the invisible, as did the old radios and television sets. The electricity coursing through your home and our entire country is invisible. We can transform that invisible power into images on testing devices, yet it remains invisible.

Is there another dimension? Is there a spiritual dimension in our world, in the universe? Many would say no. If not, how would one explain the power of love. How would one explain the power of sacrifice? What would cause a man, or woman, to sacrifice their own life for the life of another? Love and sacrifice are just two of the unseen spiritual powers in the world. There are many additional virtues that emanate from within the human heart.

We need to be looking past the obstacles before us and really see the gift of the Divine hand of God. He desires our families to be healed and whole. He desires our country to be honorable and Godly. He desires His children to become the shinning beacons of His light we are meant to be.

Look beyond the fortress of doubt and fear. Catch a glimpse of the glorious hope we have in Christ.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Obstacles to The Promise

With the Egyptian army on the bottom of the sea and the Jewish people on dry land God had the attention of both Jew and Egyptian. Now for the Jewish people, their promised land was just a short distance away. The promise that slept for hundreds of years was now awake. The Jewish people were soon to have their own land. A land that would give them bounteous harvests, grazing land, and water. The joy and excitement among the Jewish people would have been contagious. I would imagine there were many tears being shed over the goodness of God.

Moses made the decision to appoint one man from each of the twelve tribes to travel to the land of Canaan and check out the surroundings. His orders were specific. They were check on the richness of the land, and their opponents. Moses knew the land would be protected. A land of such reputation would never go untended and fallow. The spies were to come back to Moses and report on the cities, fortifications, and peoples. they were to also bring back some fruit of the land.

Upon returning the men carried some fruit from the land. All twelve men reported that the land was fertile and flowing with promises. And then the word every leader must face was spewed at Moses. The word, but.  But, we were like grasshoppers in their site. But the land is that of the descendants of Anak, the giants of old. But their cities are fortified with thick walls and fierce soldiers armed for battle. The opposition is too great for us to have victory. We can not enter the Land of Promise.

Two of the spies stood in opposition to the negative reporters. Caleb and Joshua stood firm in their conviction that it was the land God would give them and they should go in and possess the land. Their positive attitude and voice was quickly stopped by the "but" voices of ten and then thousands as the people listened to the negative message. All progress stopped.

The facts were obvious. The cities were fortified and heavily defended. The descendants of Anak were in the land. There would be many battles ahead. The facts, the visual, overpowered the heart and spirit of the Jewish people. A fortress with walls ten feet thick brought more fright than the promise from God brought courage. A soldier that stood seven feet tall in armor was more terrifying and debilitating than promises from God were calming and reassuring. The visible obstacles were more powerful than the invisible God they worshiped.

I would imagine that every person who reads this has faced fortresses and giants in their life. The career you desire takes sacrifice and working through obstacles. The dreams each of us have will, and must, face obstacles and setbacks. Our, your, attitude when facing your giants and obstacles is what will make the difference. I am facing down a giant in my life that I have ignored for many years. I pretended that he wasn't really there. My giant is real and so is yours.

God will give us the wisdom and strength to fight our giants and tear down the fortress of the enemy. I believe it and I pray you do as well.

More to follow in a few days.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dreams and Obstacles to The Promised Land

Every dream will face obstacles. Every promise given can have a corresponding doubt. Four over four hundred years the Jewish people were suffering under the hand of the oppressive Pharaoh. They hoped that one day they would be delivered and the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would be realized. Generation after generation of Jews died in Egypt, hearing the promise of a deliverer, but never experiencing him.

Moses arrives on the delivery schedule after a rather awesome and frightening bush fire. The talking Bush (really God), made Moses face the music of his calling. He was to be the one to face Pharaoh, announce coming disasters, and pronounce a death sentence. After nine episodes of God demonstrating His control over nature, Pharaoh still refused the Jews freedom.

The tenth experience to fall upon Egypt was one of crushing pain. Every first born of Egyptian males was to be struck down. The night of death was to come and Moses, along with at least one million Jews, were to be prepared to flee. Pharaoh's night of judgement came, death followed, women wailed, and men were crushed. In the midst of the Egyptian pain the Jews fled East.

The promise of God was coming true. The Jews were to have their own homeland. They would have their own grazing land and vineyards. They would know freedom for the first time in four hundred years. The free and excited children of Jehovah headed to the Promised Land until... Until the Red Sea stopped them in the sand. The first obstacle they faced in their new life brought tears, anger, and threats of revolt. Some said they would rather be slaves in Egypt with food then perish.

God told Moses to extend his hand over the water and watch. On the North side of the sea the waters rose as high as the hills. On the South side the water rose as well. With dead seaweed and flopping fish the Children of Israel walked across the dry sea bed to freedom. As the sound of chariots and snorting horses approached the waters flowed and Pharaoh's finest fighting force drowned.

Can you have a dream come true without obstacles or challenges?

I will continue this topic for a few postings. Please send me a comment or post one here on the blog. Visit my website at email me at

Friday, May 27, 2016

Cost-less Equals Thought-less

This weekend millions of Americans will be celebrating the Memorial Day Holiday. The sad truth is this: the meaning is lost to millions. For many Americans this weekend kicks off the summer recreational season. Good folks will head to their favorite campground, fishing hole, relatives house, or other spot for relaxation. On Monday afternoon I plan on cooking outside. The grand-kids will come over and we will spend precious time together. Friends will be at the nearby campground where I might eat my once a year Smore. The campfire will rekindle memories, images, and smells of past campfires and family members passed on.

As a kid Memorial Day was also know by another name, Decoration Day. A drive past any cemetery on Memorial Day would have been filled with sights of hundreds of small American flags placed by the grave of every service member.  Memorial Day 1970 was one that is still very vivid. The military honor guard was gathered at the grave site of my brother. There were some words, long forgotten but sincere, and then the salutes. What will never be forgotten is the gun fire and the lonely for-lone sound of, Day is done, gone the sun. (Taps)

My personal freedom didn't cost me a red cent. I was born an American. Born in the land of freedom and opportunity. I was taught that my freedom was a gift. My freedom was given to me, I didn't earn it. I listened to stories of the men who fought for "my unearned freedom." My father and uncles fought against a global tyranny that threatened to suck the free breath from every soul. I began to have a sense of the cost to them. My "unearned freedom" was costly. During that time of terror nearly 14 million American men and women put on a uniform and pledged their lives for us, you and me.

I am greatly dismayed by what is happening today. Millions of young adults are expecting to receive at no cost. And, this is not American freedom that I refer too. The entitlement mindset is spreading like a wildfire. Kids get their drivers license and expect a car. There are more cell phones used by kids in school than any other age group. I do not mean to bad talk everybody. Many young people pay for their own cell phone, car, and other expenses. But, they are fast becoming the minority. Now, a free college education is being demanded and may come to pass.

What cost-less to us means less. What is cost-less soon becomes thought-less. Those words are very dangerous to all of us. The men and women from the Greatest Generation are soon to be gone. Their wisdom, experience, and spirit will just become words of lore and memory. The boys that were 18 and 19 that stormed the red beaches of Normandy will be soon laid to rest. The Honor Guard will fire and Taps will play, they may soon be forgotten.

We must remember that Cost-less can equal Thought-less. God help us this Memorial Day to remember the cost and demand that respect be given to those who gave us our undeserved freedom.

Tedd A Galloway

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Sophisticated Man

He is a sophisticated man. Every morning his mirror smiles at him. His white hair and beard are perfectly coiffed. Each hair is examined, snipped, combed, and smiled upon.

He is a sophisticated man. His library is the envy of friends. The patina on the one hundred fifty year old wood is an intoxicant to the eye. Soft light is cast by Tiffany lamps and solid brass wall sconces. His books line one wall. He looks upon them often and when he does he smiles. His smile reacts as his eyes fall upon his first editions of Hawthorne and Webster. The great works of literature speak softly to visitors that here lives a sophisticated man.

He is a sophisticated man. His leather chair is one of the finest. Hand crafted and covered in Romanza Leather it is exquisite in every detail, the seen and experienced. The brass buttons at the top of each arm bear the marks of his fingers over long years. The trained eye can see the faint color change in the leather where his elbows have rested as he enjoyed his pipe and brandy.

He is a sophisticated man. To the left of his chair, his Gillow’s Pembroke Table is within easy reach. His pipe and pouch rest within an Ebony bowl, placed exactly at the far left end of the table, though still in reach. The decanter of Courvoisier brandy rest upon his 16th century silver server. The snifter sits next to the decanter, with her opening covered with appropriate sized linen.

He is a sophisticated man. But, every morning his mirror is deceived. The visage of the perfectly groomed man fails to reveal his uninhabited soul. During the day he rests within the safety and luxury of the finest leather on his chair. His lips have enjoyed his fine brandy. The scent of expensive pipe tobacco lingers long into the night. He dozes off in his self quarantined cell.

He is a sophisticated man. He reaches into the drawer of his table and rests his manicured fingers on the cold stainless steel.

He Was a Sophisticated Man.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Faith and Death

Do those who believe in God fear death? That is a question that I am not qualified to answer. As a pastor I have been at the bedside of a few people that died in a very calm sense. They were not medicated to the point that they were not aware of their surroundings. I have witnessed, on a couple of occasions, individuals that seemed to be in some struggle or turmoil as they died. That was evidenced by sighs, groans and other noises and motions. I do not know what was going on, except to say, their death didn't seem peaceful.

Scripture tells us that, "Love casts out all fear, for love is from God." I want to align that verse with some anecdotal stories that go back hundreds of years. I have a very old copy of, Foxes Book of Martyrs. Stories of the faithful being tortured and put to death are centered on the presence of peace and the presence of a presence. Nero used Christians to light his gardens at night. The martyr was impaled on a large pike, covered in pitch and ignited. Christ followers were noted to sing and praise God up to the time of death.

I have no doubt that God was with the untold thousands of His children that left this world into His kingdom. The question comes to my mind as to what takes place within the human spirit when a person embraces Christ. I believe that a change takes place in the mind and heart of the person who confesses their faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is at that point the human spirit enjoys an intimacy with God Himself.

When John Wesley was dying his friends and family were gathered around him. There had been singing and praying and the time of his departure was close at hand. His biographer wrote that as Wesley was drawing his lasts breath he said, "I'll praise my maker while I've breath, and when my life on earth is done, I'll praise him, I'll praise him." After those words the saint of God and founder of Methodism moved into another world.

I am not afraid to die. Do I want to die? No, not today or anytime soon. Will I be afraid to die as I watch my physical capabilities falter? Will I be afraid to die as I understand, to the extent that I can, my mental capabilities falter and fail? Today I am not. May the rest of my life be, Today.

Tedd Galloway is a former missionary and is currently the pastor at West Adrian Community Church. His book, A Mother's Heart Moved the Hand of God, is soon to be released through, Morgan James Publishing. You can follow Tedd on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. His website is,

Monday, March 14, 2016

Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery - On Sunday I had felt two or three times a sense of heaviness and pressure in the upper left area of my chest. I dismissed the discomfort as it went away in a minute or so. The same pressure and discomfort came back Monday and again it went away and I put it out of my mind. Tuesday evening I fed our dogs and sat down and the discomfort returned. An hour later as I was putting on my sleep pants and shirt the heaviness and discomfort returned. As this was the third day I sensed something might be seriously wrong. I checked my heart rate and it was over 130, A call to my middle daughter, who is a nurse, sent me to the closest hospital. Blood tests indicated a possible clot. As the hospital was not equipped to deal with such a problem I was on my by ambulance to a Cardiac and Vascular Hospital.

I arrived at Saint Vincent's around one in the morning. I was immediately set up on all of the monitors and more blood work gave the same clot indications. Later that morning I was taken to the heart cath unit for testing that would show blocked arteries. The test showed four  blockages. One blockage was minor, the other three were blocked between 70 - 90%. The cardiac surgeon called them a, Widow Maker. Blood thinners and clot busters were started and a scan still indicated a blood clot present in my groin.

The following morning I was taken into surgery. I had plenty of time to think seriously about my life and future. I can honestly say I was not afraid of dying. I knew my life was eternal because of Jesus. Moments later I could hear my lovely grand-daughter crying. A blink of the eye later I panicked as the breathing tubes were pulled out. The next few hours were fog and sleep. That evening, with my entire family around me the surgeon came in the room. He told me that everything went well and I should make a full and complete recovery. Five days later I was released and came home.

I had done very well in my recovery and was gaining strength each day. The day after returning home I was experiencing debilitating weakness and could not move without help. My blood pressure had dropped to 73/41 and I was passing large amounts of blood. I was back in the hospital and it was determined that the blood thinners and clot busters had brought on internal bleeding, either in my stomach or upper colon.

Three days later I was back home. Today I am feeling so much better and very thankful. I want to share a few observations from my experience. Listen to your body and do not put off what can be very life changing decisions. Face the facts and be brave. Hold on to your spiritual foundations. Without Christ I do not know how I would have gotten through.

Of great importance was, and is my family. My wife was by my side and dealt with her own fears. My children were there with smiles and love. The power of those who we love, and who love us must never be minimized or discounted.

A special Thank You to Cardiac Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. Hashmi. He is a wonderful man filled with gentleness and using his gifted hands to restore life and purpose.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Eyes of Christ

It was the eyes of Christ, those magnificent eyes that-
Watched a blessed wedding celebration and made sure that the joy of the event would continue.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That looked upon a mass of humanity and recognized individual souls,
talking to them about life in His coming kingdom.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That looked into the heart of a great religious teacher and created a thirst for eternal life.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That looked past a life filled with failure and sin worthy of death,
and by His gaze and words her soul found freedom and a purpose
for living far greater than chains of this world.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That looked with powerful compassion on a man whose home was a field of bones and stones.
The man whose only friends were the fiends that haunted his every second, minute, hour.
That looked past the evil that was evident and focused on the soul
that was hidden by rag and ruin.
Those magnificent eyes of Christ.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That watched and heard a powerful warrior begging the Great Healer to touch his daughter.
A warrior whose battle hardened soul was ready to die by the spear,
but trembled in fear over the thought of losing his own flesh and blood.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That watched as a man begged for food and searched for dignity in dust and dirt,
that some of that very dirt that reminded the blind of his plight was
transformed into a salve of sight.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That drew friends into an intimate fellowship where basin, bread and wine
would become instruments of grace and relationship.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That entreated three friends to help Him in His hour of need,
looking past their inability to be vigilant, knowing of their future.
It was the eyes of Christ-
That pierced the heart of a political puppet telling him that all power was
granted by the King of the Universe.
It is the eyes of Christ-
That recognize the man by the side of the road holding his sign,
"Will Work for Food" and is acquainted with pain and despair,
still knowing that he is a man of worth and eternal value.
It is the eyes of Christ-
That look into the hollow shell of the woman whose existence is propped
by the pill and the bottle, whispering to her soul that she can begin again
and with His grace her life will be vibrant and whole.
O, Let Us Have Those Magnificent Eyes of Christ.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tribute to Victors

Tribute to Victors

Long did I clutch bottle and pill,
Friendship my aching soul to fill.
Such longing in my heart,
Their lie, mask playing a part.

I cried, I tried, to abandon their lies,
Their hold on me, a noose tied.
Free, Free, Why can't I be,
Of this hook, so deep in me.

Deep darkness, Despair, All I see,
Chained down, I want, Can't flee.
Death, Peace of death, Please cover me,
Earthen grave, My only plea.

Stretched out, Damp cold night,
Pain, Punishment, I sense is right.
In deep despair, My head hangs low,
Eyes, Tears, Capturing a glow.

Hands reach to hold my chains,
Scars, History of cruelty, Pain.
Love, Compassion, Shine from his face,
Shackles, Links, Shattering, Falling in our embrace

Let's approach Lent and the Joy of Easter as Victors.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Scars of Christ

The scars on feet and hand,
Visible across the land.

Did people notice  scars on His feet,
As He walked on the cold stone street?

As He raised His hands  high
Did scars find one's searching eye?

Did His brow show signs of thorn,
A cruel crown this King had borne?

For now, He is cloaked in Light,
He did cry, It is over, I've won the fight.

Transformed from signs of hate,
Scars will embrace as we pass His gate.

The hatred of men, shown one day,
In His kingdom banished, forever away.
tg 4/12/12

Friday, January 8, 2016

Wonderful Illumination

I was able to spend about twenty minutes in the woods today. Donna took Knox for a walk in the nature area on the outskirts of town. As she walked her rodent sniffing Terrier I sat in the truck and watched and listened. There were a few tracks left by the deer and rabbits. Sitting in the truck I was able to take in and appreciate all of the differences I saw in form and texture. The area is filled with old growth trees, each one unique in its own way. With dim light I would only be able to tell you that I was parked in the midst of a grove of trees, guessing at what type they might be. In the clear sunlight I could identify each tree by looking at the bark and form of the tree. I was surrounded by Oak, Ash, Beech Nut, Maple and Walnut, some reaching close to a hundred feet into the sky.

Light brings us to true identity. I can reach my true identity as I walk in fellowship with God. It is His illumination that brings clarity to my life and vision. Without that illumination I have mere existence, I live and move and make decisions without clarity of thought or vision.  As I live in the power of illumination I grow and change. I understand my place in the world and in the divine order placed upon it. As I desire to continue walking in His light I can rest assured that I will be given more light and so, more illumination in my life. Ultimately, walking on this earth in His light will lead me to my final light experience, His presence.

Since my few minutes in the woods I have come to look at community in a new light. Community is vital for the church to survive. With growing community will come growing life and the life will multiply. I need to look at members in my faith community with the clarity in which I could distinguish every tree in the grove. Because I have dealt with community life for such a long time it has become to easy for me to look at the trees and see what needs to be pruned away, or what is disfigured. Some trees I'm easily drawn to their beauty or majesty. As a woodworker my eyes are easily drawn to a vision of logs, boards, knots and the absolute beauty of oiled Oak or Beech Wood.

My desire needs to be, that I would understand the beauty in my community and how God has placed us together in relationship to each other and Him. Jesus told us that the world would recognize us as His disciples by the way in which we loved each other. So, I guess for me, I need to look at a few trees in my community a bit differently. There are a couple of trees that seemed to be stuck in the swamp, of their own muck and dirt. If I get close to those trees I'm sure I will see the beauty and their place in my community.

Tedd Galloway is the Pastor of West Adrian Community Church, and the author of, A Mother's Heart Moved the Hand of God. His email address is  Feel free to comment or send questions or prayer requests.