Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Anarchy is a Choice

In the past two weeks men and women who swore an oath to protect us have fallen to pieces of steel and copper, sent on their deadly path by hate filled, empty souls. With no regard to family, skin color, nationality, or religion police have been gunned down for one simple reason: they were police officers. Our land is close to Anarchy. Hatred is running deep and swift. It threatens to sweep away peace and harmony. Innocent lives will be lost, both physically and emotionally. Children will grow up hating people based solely on the pigment of ones skin.

The coming anarchy is like a tea kettle set on low heat. It takes time to heat the kettle and then the water. But, eventually it will come to a boil. To keep the kettle from boiling over you must remove it from the heat source, or quickly turn the heat down. I have a personal opinion of the genesis of this current time. I will leave that unsaid.

How do we avoid the coming time of anarchy and calamity? There are many opinions on how to solve the problem. I will post a few that I think I understand. My opinions will come from my Christian world view and experiences. Some readers will disagree, and I hope some do. When a person disagrees with an opinion it should cause the one holding the opinion to pause and think.

Point One- We do not view mankind as people made in the image of God. When this happens it is easy to view one people as less deserving of respect. It is quite simple. People do not disrespect what they hold to have great value. If I do not view all life as having the image of God placed upon, or within, life becomes cheap.

I will illustrate this point with a horrific event that I witnessed and had some involvement. While driving in Lusaka I witnessed an accident that still haunts me. A little girl, wearing her green school uniform was hit by a bus. I watched in horror as her little body flew into the air like a doll thrown out a window. I immediately stopped and ran to give aid. When I got to the scene the limp body of the girl was laying on the back seat of a taxi. The bus driver and taxi driver told me they were taking her to the hospital. Later I checked, and she never made it to the hospital. A close friend informed me that he was sure that she was placed out in a field. "It is common," he said.

Respect for human life is dissolving. We discard unwanted babies like trash waiting on the side of the curb. We are trying to justify ending the life of the aged or infirm because of medical costs, quality of life, even convenience sake.

The world scene is even worse. In the past few years hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children have been killed because of their personal beliefs. I am a Christian and unashamed to state it. I am not perfect, far from it. I make mistakes. I sin, in word, thought, and deed. But, I have never thought of harming a person who disagrees with my heart. I have friends who are from different lands and religious views. I have not, nor will I, disrespect their beliefs. I will disagree with some, but respect their choice.

I will continue with this piece, as I have two or three more points to spell out.

Let us view the likeness of God in every person we cross paths with.