Monday, July 20, 2015

Christian Crucifixion- Crucified with Christ

Christian Crucifixion I ended the last post with a question. It was this. What does Christian Crucifixion look like in everyday life? Past history would reveal the likes of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Valentine, Saint Nicholas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John and Charles Wesley, down to the near present Mother Theresa. All individuals who placed serving Christ as the highest goal ever known. The inner quality of selflessness would be their passionate driving force.

Selflessness is contradictory to American society in general. Media fills the minds of young and old alike that success means stuff. Success means the millions paid to celebrities, whether they be sports, entertainment, political, or media celebrities. Everybody wants to be successful. It is not healthy to want to be a loser.

Years ago the question was tossed about as to whether Jesus would wear a Rolex. I guess a few sincere people really questioned the idea of success and the stuff that equate with it. I thought the question was stupid for more than one reason. First off, Jesus would never need a watch. The days began and ended as he ordained and second, some fancy watch would make some of his words of no-effect.

There have been very success and rich individuals who have lived selfless lives. Stanley Kressge, J.C. Penney, and Letourneau made millions and gave most of it away. Being selfless does not mean living in poverty. Living the crucified Christian life does not mean only wearing clothes from a thrift store, driving around in a junker and buying day old bread. It means that serving God and humanity have a higher priority that obtaining the perishable trappings of the world.

For my own life I have learned that I will never be a business man. My mind and heart are not wired that way. I will never be a scientist in any field because that is not wear my heart is. I will always be a communicator of the, Power of God for the salvation of mankind. That communication takes place in two forms, I preach almost every Sunday and I write with the goal of representing Christ.

The path that Donna and I walk is difficult at times. Our minds are pulled into the arena of, ownership of stuff. We both drive older cars. We do not own a home to call our own and due to circumstances we will both work well past retirement age. It is the path we have chosen and God has led us down the road that is filled with hundreds of great people.

We will walk down this road until the Lord leads otherwise and then that one. I fight the Christian Crucifixion battle constantly, basically because I am still selfish. I suppose I will fight it until I die.