Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Clean Man cont.

Death, death would be the answer. His death would free her. free her from his curse, from the tattered robes of disease and disgrace that draped his foul and decomposing flesh. She would be free to find some happiness as an other's wife. The children were young enough that in time they might even be able to forget about him. Yes, that was the answer. It would bring him freedom and new life to his family. now he must find a friend who will help him with his plan. It would have to be person who understands his agony and the pain of his family. A person who would understand would have to be a person who has walked down his lonely road. He thought for a moment and a face came into his mind. The man was Simeon, a leper he came to know during his early days. He was a blessed man. the disease had been plaguing him for almost half a year. And then his skin started to heal. Very slowly at first the skin began to change. Patches of dead skin and scale fell off and fresh skin began to appear.

He sent word into town that he needed to see Simeon. He knew it might take a day or two for his friend to get the message so he decided to stay close to the gate. As he waited for Simeon his mind was again filled with thoughts of his wife and children. He had so much time to think. He thought of how innocent and beautiful his children were. They lived in a land that was so brutal. He longed for his children to grow up and be warm hearted adults who loved Jehovah and other people. What was all of this going to do to his children? Will they come to hate the priest and possibly even the Lord Jehovah?

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