Monday, April 19, 2010

Clean Man cont.

She hurried into her house and came back out the door in mere seconds. She had one of her children by the hand and the littlest one she had scooped up into her arms as his little feetcould not move fast enough. She ran past the crowd with her precious children talking about their daddy and Jesus. She ran down the dusty road as fast as she could. Her mind was flooded with questions and images. Could it be real? Could my husband be clean? Would a man from God really care enough about my husband to touch his body? As she ran she envisioned Bartholomew standing clean and strong. Tears ran down her face and onto the hand of the little one that clung to her with his face nuzzled into her neck.

Even as Bartholomew's wife was racing to meet him he was still standing. He looked as if he was in a trance, or a dream waiting to wake up. Wake up to the leprosy covering his body. But it wasn't a dream and he wasn't in a trance. As he looked at the clean skin he knew what he must do. The Law of Moses was very specific about leprosy and those who were healed. He had to show himself to the priest and present a sacrifice as the law demanded. As he headed to the gate his pace began to quicken. It had been so many months since he passed through the gate, this time he didn't even look up at the massive walls. He was running now, his legs working better with each stride. As he ran past the shops people turned to look at him and many commented that he was the leper that Jesus the Nazarene had touched.

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