Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clean Man cont.

As Bartholomew ran down the street he was smiling and soon he was laughing. His laughter turned into a spirit written psalm of praise. His words following him down the street, "I'm clean, I'm clean, and my skin is as pure as the day the Lord brought me forth from the womb". He was running down the street that led to the temple. The Great Temple, Herod's temple was just minutes away and so was his freedom and his family. In the outer court he would have to but the required sacrifice. How would he find the money to buy the two turtle doves that were required of the poor? He knew that some how the Lord Jehovah would provide for him. If Jesus the Man from God had healed him then there would be friend or relative who would help him with the meager coins.

As Bartholomew headed for the temple his wife was nearing the gate. As she approached one of the men addressed her. With her head covered and avoiding eye contact she listened as the man told her that the leper was healed and running to the temple. With hope filling her heart she turned from the elderly man and headed for the temple. The two children, one held close and one held by the hand didn't slow her as the pounding of her heart was from excitement and not exertion.

The Clean Man entered the outer court of the Great Temple. Now the song was in his heart and not on his lips as he looked for a friend or family member to help him with the coins. The court yard was filled with people and he knew that he still needed to keep his distance and not draw attention to his condition. His skin was pure and clean but his robes were tattered and filthy. From a distance he heard a voice as sweet as the Jasmine in the summer. It was the voice of his precious wife calling out to him. He turned to see her running to him, one of his precious ones in her arms and the other by the hand. Within cubits of embracing Bartholomew stopped. He told his wife that first he must go to the priest and make the sacrifice. He didn't want any bystander to accuse him of not keeping the law. Within seconds seconds his wife reached into her inner robe and produced two coins. She set them on the ground in front of her and Bartholomew bent down, picking them up he clutched them tightly knowing they were the most precious two coins he ever held onto.

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