Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clean Man cont.

When Jesus placced his hand on the leper's head he uttered the most beautiful words the poor man had ever heard. Bartholomew I want you to be clean. How did Jesus know his name? As the hand of Jesus was upon his bare head a soft and gentle warmth began to soothe him. Beginning at his head it felt like warm oil running down, first, down his head and face and then down his back, his chest, and to the very bottoms of his feet. As the warmth from the hand of Jesus inched down his body Bartholomew closed his eyes to allow all of his senses to experience the touch of Jesus.

A few moments after Jesus uttered those incredible freeing and cleansing words Bartholomew opened his eyes. His eyes opened to the sight of his hands. Hands once covered in scab and blemish were clean, Strong and flexible. In a second he couldn't recognize anything due to the tears streaming down his face. Bartholomew knelt before the Man sent from God and sobbed as the impact of what just happened swept over him like a flood. As he knelt he lost track of time. The crowd left him as they continued to follow Jesus. his mind was overwhelmed by the thoughts of his own plans of suicide and how that would have devastated his precious wife and children.

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