Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clean Man cont.

Even as Bartholomew knelt in the tear dampened dust of the road news of his healing spread like wildfire through dry grass. The words of Jesus actually touching a leper spread down the streets. Some of the witnesses told of how the man, Bartholomew, his skin changed right in front of their eyes. The scabs disappeared in seconds and clean pure skin took its place. In minutes the news was down Bartholomew's street. His wife heard the commotion outside in the street and went to find out what was going on. As she stepped out onto the street the eyes of everyone who had been talking focused on her. No one spoke for a moment. Then she heard a whisper, she is the wife of the leper.

Fear and dread gripped her by the throat. Why would they be talking about her husband? As her mind was reeling from images that flooded into her, images of his death, or being near dead, she didn't see the old woman approach. The old woman touched her shoulder and whispered into her ear. As the old woman whispered everybody saw the face of the leper's wife change. Her eyes opened wide and the lines in her face, formed by months of sadness and loneliness, disappeared. The people watching couldn't tell if she was smiling or in fact getting ready to laugh. In an instant she turned away from the deliverer of the whispered message.

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