Monday, April 12, 2010

Clean Man cont.

He looked like a common man. He didn't wear anything that would indicate status or power. He just stood talking to couple of men that were close to him. As the poor leper drew close to the man another told him to get away that a holy man would never touch a leper. The leper knew in his heart that he would beg and keep begging the Nazarene to have mercy on him. Just seconds after he began his desperation powered lunge he was at the feet of Jesus.

As he dropped in front of Jesus his hands slapped the ground raising some dust. On his knees his tattered robes covered his head. In a voice that was filled with despair and pleading he begged the Man sent from God to have mercy on his life, on his wife and children. The begging man raised his eyes from the dust and dirt and looked into the eyes of Jesus. He sensed that Jesus was looking deep into the farthest recesses of his heart and soul. His eyes understood his pain, his despair, the complete and utter lostness of his life. His eyes knew of his plan to end his pain and free his wife. As he looked into the eyes of Jesus he uttered words that caused the crowd to gasp. He asked Jesus to touch him if he was willing.

Without a moments hesitation Jesus the Nazarene reached out his hand. He didn't look around to see if people were watching in approval or in disgust. It was like the Nazarene didn't care what people thought. As Jesus reached out his hand a voice in the crowd shouted out what everybody was thinking, don't touch him, he is a man cursed by Jehovah and is unclean. Jesus, not hesitating a moment, reached out his hand and pulled the tattered and filthy robe off his head. As he pulled the robe away with one hand he placed the other on the leper's head.

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